Lorrie Anne Minicozzi has been committed
to the Fine Arts for over 35 years.  She has
shared her passion for creativity and
technical ability with hundreds of students
throughout the country.
In 2016, Lorrie transitioned into the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
market and her relocation has left her more inspired than ever.  
Lorrie is an extreme realist with a flair for detail.  Her graphite
works portray her love for expression and emotion.  Her
landscapes convey her devotion to contrast, color and texture.  
Lorrie is dedicated to exploring the northeastern serenity and
capturing its beauty on her canvas.

For pricing and information, contact Lorrie at
Lorrie_Minicozzi@yahoo.com, or on Facebook at
Climbing the Walls Designs.
About the Artist
Facebook at Climbing the Walls Designs.