I have been an artist since before I was born. My mom
never experienced me kicking her belly as much as the
ticklish sensation of me doodling stick figures. I was
born in Huntington, New York. I grew up on Long
Island and attended both SUNY Potsdam and SUNY
Stony Brook where I barely studied art at all. I am largely
self taught and thankfully learning everyday. When in
elementary school, I discovered that I was dyslexic and
realized that my visual learning style enhanced my
educational abilities. During the next two decades I spent
many years in Colorado where I enriched my skills,
taught in my home studio and gave local seminars.

I have always been a very traditional realist and am
motivated by the work of Caravaggio, Durer and
Rembrandt. I prefer dramatic contrast and emotional
composition. The control I possess with a pencil in my
graphite portraiture is my greatest asset and portraits are
my passion. In particular, I sometimes get lost in the
depth and detail of my subject’s eyes and forget to move
on to the rest of the face. When I create, whatever the
medium, I try to tell a story by capturing that minute in
time. I want the viewer to be able to see what their senses
should feel - serenity, sadness, fear, elation and so much

In December of 2012 I remember dining at a busy
restaurant and noticed a crowd gather around the
television as they watched a special report. They were
aghast at the horrific story of the Sandy Hook
Elementary massacre and there wasn't a dry eye to be
Lorrie Anne Minicozzi
found. I wanted to do something to help, but felt
helpless. When the photos of the victims, mostly 6 year
old children, appeared, I realized what I would do. I
created portraits for their families, and through the help
of many volunteers, delivered them to their families.
Providing this small token was therapy for me and I’d
hoped to provide a little comfort for the families. Since
then, I donate many portraits a year to victims of
violence, cancer patients, nursing homes and animal

I moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2016. I am a
member of the Pittsburgh Society of Artists and the
Cranberry Artist Network. I can be found feverishly
working in my studio or out smashing tennis balls into
the net on the tennis court.

For pricing and information, contact Lorrie at
Lorrie_Minicozzi@yahoo.com, or on Facebook at
Climbing the Walls Designs.